Design Services

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”
Booker T. Washington

Design with Sanctuarie
We’re a full-service design store located in Oklahoma City. With an extensive array of beautiful architectural elements available, you’re guaranteed to find something unique at Sanctuarie. Learn how we mix new with old and modern with traditional to create something divine.

Home & Garden Antiquities 
Your home deserves a finishing touch. Make your space come to life with our home and garden antiquities. You’re guaranteed to find a little bit of everything at Sanctuarie.

Architectural Antiques
Our selection of architectural antiques is sure to turn your home into a classic beauty. Our goal is for your space to capture your personality.

Modern Elements
Sanctuarie carries various modern elements to spruce up your home. Let Sanctuarie add the finishing touch to your home.

Local Art
We proudly offer a variety of outstanding artwork from local artists. Sanctuarie offers original, unique pieces.

Contact Us
For more details, pricing, questions or concerns, please call us today. What are you waiting for? See the beauty that is waiting for you at Sanctuarie!