About us

After many remodeling projects within the family and designing several office spaces for her husband, interior design and decor became owner Candi Bullard’s creative safe haven. With her children grown and out of the house, Candi opened Sanctuarie in May 2016.  Helping people with their gardening and landscaping as well, Candi helps clients find their creative voice, indoors and out. 

Paul Bullard joined the Sanctuarie team shortly after opening in 2016. With a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Interior Design from New York School of Interior Design, Paul heads up merchandising and purchasing. He believes his involvement in the store helps him curate eclectic goods for projects and clients. 

With an extensive array of beautiful architectural elements available, you’re guaranteed to find something unique at Sanctuarie. Learn how we mix new with old and modern with traditional to create something divine.

Our Team:     Candi Bullard, Owner 
Paul Bullard, Merchandising and Purchasing
Indira Cannon, Sales
Jane Adams, Books and Sales

Contact: (405) 414-4046
333 West Wilshire Blvd, Suite F
Oklahoma City, OK 73116